Своей экспозицией на выставке ISE 2020 Leyard однозначно демонстрирует о приближении эры MicroLED

NTEGRATED SYSTEMS EUROPE (ISE 2020), which is the largest 4-day audio-visual exhibition in the world, was closed on February 14 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This time, Leyard Group overcame the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic in China and actively took protective measures. It appeared in Amsterdam with PLANAR which is the top audiovisual 
equipment brand in the world, where they brought a visual feast of displaying technology to exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

"Micro LED + 8K + 0.6" opens a new era of Micro LED

Micro LED products, which represent the future of display technology, naturally occupy the Center of the Leyard exhibition area. This time, the 8K Micro LED Video Wall with 0.6mm fine pitch displayed 
again by Leyard is the micro LED display with the largest mass production area and the smallest pixel pitch in the market at present.

This 8K MicroLED display has excellent image quality, especially in brightness, resolution, color gamut, response speed and service life. Because there is no backlight, organic film and other structures, 
this product is much thinner in appearance, with a near-bezel-free view on the front, 99.99% of the screen-to-body ratio and more amazing visual effect, bringing consumers immersive experience.

As the first enterprise to invest in Micro LED technology innovation and R & D, Leyard has made continuous breakthroughs in micro LED technology R & D in recent years with its many years of 
technology precipitation in small spacing display product R&D.

At the end of last year, Leyard and EPISTAR jointly built a mass production base of Mini led/Micro LED in Wuxi, China. When completed, the base will be the first base in the world to realize the mass 
production of minimum Micro LED display products with massive transfer technology. Leyard will work with EPISTAR to promote the development of the entire industrial chain of Mini LED and Micro 
LED display technology in the field of design, research and development, production and application, thus greatly promoting the layout and development of the Micro LED market.

New upgrade of small-pitch LED solutions

As a global leader in audiovisual technology, Leyard's display products are used throughout the world. To enable users to deploy seamless LED video walls in a broader environment, Leyard introduced 
ERO-LED (extended durability and optics) technology.

ERO-LED technology protects small-pitch LED displays from dust, electrostatic discharge, humidity, human contact, and impact from the front and edges, and enhance the visual performance by 
significantly increasing the contrast in ambient light. At different levels of ambient light, the contrast of the ERO-LED is tripled compared with the LED video wall without this protective coating.

In addition to displaying ERO-LED technology, Leyard and PLANAR also displayed other award-winning small-pitch LED innovations, including the new generation of DirectLight X LED video wall system and TVF series of LED video walls.

As an internationally renowned display exhibition, ISE is an event that gathers the most first-class display representatives, and often represents the forefront of display application technology. In the 
ISE exhibition of this year, the leading Chinese display enterprises represented by Leyard have displayed new display products, which enables the world to witness the innovation spirit of China's display 
enterprises once again.

Year 2020 is a new start. 5G technology will be officially put into commercial use, micro LED technology will be more mature, and 8K display products will begin to enter the consumer end. Standing at 
a new historical node, Leyard will continue to work hard in its main display business, lead the development of the industry with forward-looking technology and promote the in-depth development of 
intelligent display industry, so as to make the "China Screen" shine on the world stage.