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  Вклад Leyard в празднование юбилейной даты - 70-летие Дня Независимости] Болеем за Вас, гордимся Вами

Вклад Leyard в празднование юбилейной даты - 70-летие Дня Независимости] Болеем за Вас, гордимся Вами


Leyard Group provides comprehensive visual services for celebration and get-together of the 70th anniversary of the National Day. According to incomplete statistics, Leyard has provided 14,000 square meters of various display products and display systems for the celebration, including: "square red ribbon LED display screen" (6 pieces),0.9mm micro-pitch display of the military parade command center, parade float display products, 1,400-square-meter super high-definition carbon fibre screen for the party at the Great Hall of the People, 5,400-square-meter giant screen for the party, seven 2,200-square-meter fireworks display screens and the display part of 3,290 handheld light screens, aiming to offer quality screen to the motherland as a gift!   

In the main position of the "Red Ribbon", a total of six 4K ultra-high definition LED display panels are set, including "screens for the viewing area on east-west road", "screens for the viewing area of the rostrum" and "screens for the viewing area of  people's square", with a total area of 1656 square meters.


Leyard has provided LED display products and technical support for theme float of "Chinese culture", Liaoning float of "flying and soaring", Shaanxi float of magnificent Sanqin and charming Chongqing float, with a total area of more than 400 square meters.


в–ІTheme Float of "Chinese Culture"


в–ІLiaoning Float of "Flying and Soaring"


в–ІCharming Chongqing Foat


в–ІShaanxi float of magnificent Sanqin

A huge flag, which is 90m long and 60m high with a total area of 5400 square meters, is made of a 350x350mm dot-pitch LED screen provided by Leyard. Its high brightness and high permeability stunned the audience.



Seven firework trees are made of a LED screen which is more than 2,200 square meters. With the effect of three-dimensional animation, the three-dimensional sense of fireworks performance increases sharply.


3,290 foldable handheld light screens and display product are provided by Leyard (in cooperation with the BOE team). Each light screen is 80 cm high, 85 cm wide and weighs 2.85 kg, which cover an area of 2,237 square meters in total.

640 (19).gif

Leyard provided visual service for the gala called Fighting, Chinese People on the 70th anniversary. Three ultra-high definition carbon fiber screens with a total area of 1,400 square meters on the stage realize 5G+4K UHD transmission.



More romantically, Leyard Group chose to use the light and shadow world to launch a deep confession to the great motherland! Across China, maps of Chinese cities of night are lit up in 118 urban landmarks of China. (Due to limited space, 118 urban landmarks cannot be displayed one by one. Only some cases are shared below.)


в–ІBeijing Olympic Sports Center

640 (3).gif

в–ІTaikoo Li Sanlitun

640 (4).gif

в–ІZhongguancun Avenue, Beijing


в–ІBeidaihe Tiger Rock Marine Park

640.webp (1).jpg

в–ІNight Scene in Taiyuan

640.webp (2).jpg

в–ІUrban Night Scene in Hejin

640 (5).gif

в–ІLight Show at Shenzhen Bay

640 (7).gif

в–ІGuangzhou International Bio-island

640.webp (3).jpg

в–ІGuangzhou Science City

640 (8).gif

в–ІHaizhu Square, Guangzhou

640.webp (4).jpg

в–ІTraditional Central Axis of Guangzhou

640 (9).gif

в–І700 UAVs Light up the Night Sky in Huangpu District, Guangzhou

640 (11).gif

в–І37 Screens in Pudong New Area of Shanghai

640.webp (5).jpg

640 (12).gif

в–ІLight Show at Huangpu River (Baoshan Section) in Shanghai

640.webp (6).jpg

в–ІRaphael Cloud Gallery of Shanghai

640.webp (7).jpg

в–ІLighting up the Coastline of the Old Town of Qingdao

640.webp (8).jpg

640 (13).gif

в–ІShadow Show of Wenzhou Bailuzhou Park

640.webp (9).jpg

в–ІLight Show of Shangrao Central District

640 (14).gif

640.webp (10).jpg

в–ІYangtze River Light Show of Wuhan

640.webp (11).jpg

640.webp (12).jpg

в–ІOne-point-two-line landscape lighting of Changsha, the longest flag of 3.6 km

640 (15).gif

в–ІLight Show of Headquarters of Rural Commercial Bank of Changsha

640.webp (13).jpg

в–ІLight Show of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone

640.webp (14).jpg

в–ІXuchang Zhongyuan International Hotel

640.webp (15).jpg

в–ІLight Show of Kunming

640.webp (16).jpg

в–ІThird Ring Road Lighting of Chengdu

640.webp (17).jpg

в–ІNight Tour at Jinjiang, Chengdu

640.webp (18).jpg

в–ІChengdu Metro

640.webp (19).jpg

в–ІLight show of Suining Central District

640.webp (20).jpg

640.webp (21).jpg

в–І"Night Tour to the Three Rivers" at Leshan

640.webp (22).jpg

в–ІMeizhou Cultural Village

640 (16).gif

в–ІGrand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City

640.webp (23).jpg

в–ІWall Show in Xi'an

640.webp (24).jpg

в–ІXi'an High-tech Zone

640 (17).gif

в–ІLight Show in Yinchuan 

640.webp (25).jpg

в–ІLight Show in Lanzhou

All these brilliant achievements are only a small step of Leyard in the integration of culture and technology. The power of technological innovation hides 

infinite possibilities. Develop the country by science and technology, serve the country by industry and commerce; live up to the trust; stay true to the 

mission. We find that "when the motherland prospers, the enterprise prospers". Leyard's 5000 employees at home and abroad will continue to innovate 

and strive for excellence, so as to create a world-renowned Chinese brand with excellent performance and contribute their wisdom and strength to the 

prosperity of the great motherland!

Some of the image data are from media reports.