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 Открытие аэропорта Пекин Дасин! Leyard принимает участие в развитии аэропортов по всему миру

Открытие аэропорта Пекин Дасин! Leyard принимает участие в развитии аэропортов по всему миру


Beijing Daxing International Airport (hereinafter referred to as Daxing Airport) officially opened on the afternoon of September 25, welcoming its first 

passengers of 7 airlines including China Southern Airlines, Air China, China Eastern, Capital Airlines, China United Airlines, Xiamen Air and Hebei Airlines. 

The golden airport terminal is like a shining medal or a flying phoenix under the blue sky, which witnesses the achievements of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 

coordinated development in the past 5 years and also serves as a gift for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Daxing Airport Terminal Building

As the first of the "seven wonders of the modern world", Daxing Airport is the fruit of wisdom and perspiration. Leyard undertakes the main display systems 

of the terminal during the construction of the airport. According to incomplete statistics, Leyard has provided nearly 200 pieces of display products including 

flight information display screens, information monitoring center screens and advertising screens to guarantee the efficient operation of Daxing Airport.




Flight Information Display Screen in Daxing Airport


Daxing Airport Poster Screen


Daxing Airport Information Monitoring Center

The intelligent security check system is used for international flights in Daxing Airport. Leyard provides convenient and visual system striped-screen for the 

airport customs, immigration inspection station, security checkpoint and automatic luggage sorting point, and also provides conference room control & 

display screens and duty-free store advertising screens for CNAF and China Duty Free Group.


China Customs in Daxing Airport


China Duty Free Group Advertising Screen in Daxing Airport


CNAF Conference Room in Daxing Airport

In addition, Leyard also provides LED intelligent display screens for China Southern Airlines Operation & Control Center, outdoor corridor and domestic 

ground service in the airport, and China Eastern Hub Center, Operation & Control Center and maintenance area in the airport.


China Southern Airlines Operation & Control Center in Daxing Airport


China Southern Airlines Domestic Ground Service in Daxing Airport


China Eastern Operation & Control Center in Daxing Airport


China Eastern Hub Center in Daxing Airport

Rail Traffic of Daxing Airport Line

Beijing Daxing International Airport embraces “five vertical and two horizontal” ground traffic networks and “four-incoming and four-outgoing” air flight 

waves. At the same time, its mega rail transit network integrates intercity railways, high-speed rail, airport lines, and subways. Leyard provides Command 

Center display screens and ceiling guiding information screens for the new airport line, enhancing the traffic convenience significantly.

It is worth mentioning that, apart from the LED display screen hardware, command center of the new airport line is equipped with the Lingxiu 

comprehensive broadcast control platform and comprehensive application solution independently developed by Leyard, realizing uniform management and 

cascade control of peripheral equipment such as the LED control system, distribution box PLC, splicer, KVM seat and ultra ВЫСОКОЕ РАЗРЕШЕНИЕ server, thus 

promoting commanding, dispatching, monitoring, emergency capabilities and other comprehensive business capabilities effectively. This is the first time 

that Leyard has applied the integrated application solution of the broadcast control platform to the rail transit command system, which is also the first 

application in the industry.


Command Center of Daxing Airport Line


Ceiling Guide of Daxing Airport Line

Beijing Daxing International Airport is positioned as a large international aviation hub, a new power source for the development of the country, and a 

comprehensive transportation hub in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region for the construction of Xiong’an New Area. At the same time, it will form a “double 

hub” airport pattern featuring coordinated development, moderate competition and international first-class competitiveness with Beijing Capital 

International Airport, thus promoting the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei airport cluster into the world-class level.

As a global leader in audiovisual technology, Leyard has always been committed to technological innovation. It leads the industry with forward-looking 

technologies, constantly breaks through technical barriers, and creates new records in the industry. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of innovation-

driven development, it will write a more exciting business legend. In the future, it will continue shining the world with “China Screens”.